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    TianDuArt | Egret by Tian Ling - 秋江鹭冷

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Egret by Tian Ling - 秋江鹭冷
Egret by Tian Ling - 秋江鹭冷

Artist : Tian Ling 田 零               Dimension : 92x58cm
This painting was done on rice paper. It has been flat-mounted and ready for framing.

Artist : Tian Ling, also known as Tian Qing Wang, was born in 1916 in He'nan Province, China.

He was best known for his paintings of flowers and birds which strive to blend Chinese and Western techniques. His paintings were flowing and solid in brushstroke.

He was a member of Artists' Association of China and, a member of the Council of Beijing Branch of the Association.

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