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Biography of Zhang Jun

Zhang Jun was born in Hebei Province, China in 1942. He is presently a member of the Artist Association of China, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Painting Seminar of Hebei Province and, a professional artist.

From 1964 to 1993, he was engaged in executing art works in an enterprise and learned oil painting from Li Hua, Su Gaoli and Zhang Yichun. During these years, he produced hundreds of festival paintings, posters, comics and illustrations, many of which were displayed in exhibitions, appeared in publications and won awards. Since 1979 he has been actively involved in the research and painting of Chinese paintings. He became acquainted with Professor Jia Youfu of the Central Art Institute and accompanied him on numerous trips to paint landscapes, especially of Taihang Mountain. Zhang Jun travelled throughout Lin County and Hui County of He'nan province; Licheng, Heshun, Xiyang, Pingding of Shanxi province; and She County, Wuan, Xingtai, Zanhuang, Jingxing, Yi County, Laishui. Laiyuan, Zhangjiakou of Hebei province.

He works focus on Taihang Mountain and his painting style, neat and full of vigour, has won admiration of famous artists and art critics of China such as Lei Zhenmin, Deng Fuxing, Yao Youduo, Jia Youfu, Yang Yanwen and Wang Ziwu.

Some of his achievements include the following:-

1982 : Honey Of Jujube In Fall won the first prize in an exhibition of Hebei Province and, was later exhibited in Beijing.

1985 : Misty Fall Taihang Mountain which won second prize in the Peony Cup painting and Calligraphy Competition while Pilgrimage To Taihang Mountain won an excellent award in The Custom Paintings of China Exhibition.

1988 : Four of his paintings, including Homestead In Taihang Mountain were selected for the 5th Works of The New Artists In China.

1993 : Ancient Road In Taihang Mountain won the bronze medal at the 1st National Landscape Paintings of China Exhibition. Lingering Charm Of Ancient Taihang Mountain won an excellent award at the 1st National Chinese Paintings Exhibition in Beijing.

1994 : Bulwark In Taihang Montain won an excellent award at the 8th Chinese National Art Exhibition and the top grade award of Hebei province.

1995 : Remnant Custom Of Taihang Mountain was selected for the Famous Artists in the National Contemporary Landscape Exhibition in Beijing.

1997 : Relic Of Taihang Mountain was selected for the Exhibition of Art in the Present. Age-Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Paintings. An Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Zhangjun was held in Shenzhen Museum and an accompanying art album was published.

1998 : River Beach was selected for the 1998 contemporary Chinese Landscape Paintings Exhibition in Beijing.

1999 : A group exhibition of traditional Chinese paintings by Wang Youzheng, Wang Jinlin, wang yanlin and Zhang jun was held in Shenzhen Museum.

2000 : Invited by Tiandu Art Gallery to hold a Solo Art Exhibition in Singapore and art catalogue "Paintings Of Zhang Jun" was published.

Many of Zhang Jun's works have been exhibited and collected in USA, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong and Taiwan. They have also been published in Art, Lion Art (Taiwan), Art Gazette, People's Daily, China Culture Daily, China Spin Daily and more than 30 art publications. He is also featured in many directories such as the Dictionary of Chinese Artists and the Almanac of Famous Chinese Artists.

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