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Biography of Lin Kai Liang

Lin Kai Liang was born in Putian City, Fujian Province, China in 1972. He is a member of Fujian Youth Artist Association And Vice President of the Jinggjiang Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Putian.

1988 : He graduated from secondary school and entered Quanzhou Teachers' College. During that time he studied Art Painting and the Theory of Education. After three years of intensive training, he graduated with excellent results.

1991 : He joined the Putian Middle School as art teacher. He spent most of his time creating his own style of traditional Chinese Painting, specialize in landscape, figure and still life paintings.

1995 : He started to specialize mainly in landscapes. He created four pieces waterfall paintings which were selected for the "Putian Art Exhibition" held in China Art Museum.

1996 : He visited Singapore to learn about the art and artists of the country.

1997 : His piece Night Tide was selected for the World Chinese Painting And Calligraphy Exhibition and won a Silver Award.

1998 : He participated in the "Putian Ten Excellent Young Artist Exhibition" organized by Putian Cultural Department. Serenity was selected for the "8 Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition" Night Waves was selected for painting and Calligraphy Exhibition for the Aid-The-Poor program.

1999 : Silent Valley was exhibited in Province Art Festival.

2000 : Invited by Tiandu Art Gallery to hold a solo art exhibition in Singapore and an art-book " Landscapes by Lin Kai Liang" was published.

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