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Biography of Dong Ji Quan

Dong Ji Quan was born in 1942. At the age of 17 he enrolled in the Lanzhou Art Institute and then the Art department of the Teachers University of Gansu, where he studied Chinese painting under Mr Wang Yu Yun and Mr Han Tian Juan. After graduating in 1965, Dong Ji Quan gave art lessons to serious students as well as to the layman. He also created fine Chinese paintings. In the 1980s, under the tutelage of Mr Qin Ling Yun he honed his craft of painting landscapes, figures and still life.

Dong Ji Quan has produced hundreds of paintings. His works have been exhibited on, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Hongkong and China. More than ten of them won prizes in various competitions.

In 1997, ”Paintings of Dong Ji Quan” was published by Gansu Peoples’ Publish House. At the same year, he was invited by Tiandu Art Gallery to hold a solo art exhibition in Singapore. An art catalogue Chinese Paintings By Dong Ji Quan was published.

Dong Ji Quan was a Member of the Artists‘ Association of China, a National First Grade artist and a Managing Director of the Artist Association of Gansu, Vice Chairman of the Artist Association of Lanzhou and a President of the Lanzhou Art Institute.

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