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 Tiandu Art Gallery  -  Tiandu Art Gallery 
Lan Tie Cheng 兰铁成
Artist : Lan Tie Cheng, also known as Ku Tie, was born in 1958 in Jilin Province, China. He is a member of Artists
Association of China and, a researcher of the Ha'erbin Art Museum. Lan Tie Cheng has been contributing writings on
art to the Global Daily and Business News in China. He is an Art Critic, a member of Heilongjiang Province of CPPCC
and a National First Grade artist and regarded as one of the top ten young talents in the Harbin City.

Lan Tie Cheng has won numerous prizes in the major art exhibitions in China since 1979. In 1999, he was invited to
hold a solo art exhibition in Singapore and art-book "Landscapes by Lan Tie Cheng" was published.

2004, a set of Stamp for Lan Tie Cheng was issued by China Postal Bureau. This set of stamp has 16 pieces price at 80 cents.

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If interested, please Contact us : by indicating the artist and title of the painting.
These Chinese Brush Ink Paintings were done on rice paper, flat-mounted and ready for framing.
Click on a picture to enlarge & view the details.

Hilly Countryside<br>70x66cm Hilly Countryside

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In The Village 3 In The Village 3
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Countryside During Autumn<br>66x134cm Countryside During Autumn

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Tranquility<small><br>74x69cm Tranquility

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The Autumn 2 The Autumn 2
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Spring<small><br>67x134cm Spring

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Red Mountain 2<br>48x119cm Red Mountain 2

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Countryside<small><br>60x96cm Countryside

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The Mountains<small><br>45x68cm The Mountains

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Black Swans<small><br>99x53cm Black Swans

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In The Evening<br>68x68cm In The Evening

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Snowy 2<small><br>69x69cm Snowy 2

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Spring Snow 1 <small><br>68x68cm Spring Snow 1

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