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Flying Birds by Feng Jin Song - 好诗随鸟飞
Flying Birds by Feng Jin Song - 好诗随鸟飞

Artist : Feng Jin Song 冯 今 松               Dimension : 68x70cm
This painting was done on rice paper, flat-mounted and ready for framing.

Artist, Feng Jin Song was born in HuBei Province of China in 1934. He graduated from the WuChung College of Art Teaching in 1953. In 1957, he completed his studies in the Hua Chung University of Art Teaching and, was invited by the University to be the Lecturer in the University. Feng Jin Song is a Professor of Art, teaching in the HuBei Province Art College. He is also the President of the Art College.

Feng Jin Song is a National First Grade Artist and a member of the Artists Association of China.

Feng Jin Song's paintings were selected to participate in the following International Art Exhibitions :-

Chinese Brush Ink Paintings : Bonn, Germany.
Contemporary ASEAN Art Exhibition : Tokyo, Japan.
Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Art Works Exhibition : Tokyo, Japan.
Joint Exhibition of China-Japan Brush Ink Paintings : Tokyo, Japan.
Contemporary HuBei Art Exhibition : Ohio, USA.
Chinese Brush Paintings Charity Art Show : Australia.

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