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Landscape by Wang Wei Bao
Landscape by Wang Wei Bao

Artist : Wang Wei Bao 王 维 宝               Dimension : 83x50cm
This painting was done on rice paper. It has not been mounted still in original condition.

Artist Wang Wei Bao was born in Jinjiang County, Fujiang Province, China in 1942. In 1959, he entered the middle school attached to the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and graduation in 1963. After graduation, he went to work in design department associated with light industry and also for publishing houses. Ultimately he joined the Guangzhou Studio of Painting as a professional painter. Since he has for many years worked on decorative designs and woodcuts, his paintings absorbed many of the techniques of those forms of expression. At the same time they have the rich, expressive power of traditional ink and brush. Most of his works depict rural life of south China. They capture the quiet beauty of the area through their careful composition, fresh coloring and rich use of ink. His publications include Paintings of Wang Weibao. Wang is currently a first grade artist of the Guangdong Art Academy and council member of the Artists Association of China, Guangdong Branch.

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