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    TianDuArt | The Cliff by Su Wei Xian 崖县有轴

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The Cliff by Su Wei Xian 崖县有轴
The Cliff by Su Wei Xian 崖县有轴

Artist : Su Wei Xian 苏 维 贤               Dimension : 69x69cm
This painting was done on rice paper. It has been flat-mounted and ready for framing.

The artist Su Wei Xian was born in 1952 in the Guangdong Province of China. He is the member of the Artists' Association of China, Guangdong Branch and, a member of the Hubei Provincial Comic Painting Research Institute.

Su Wei Xian has devoted himself to the study of the skills and techniques of Chinese Brush Ink Painting. He is very diligent in mastering the painting skills, to the extend of "learning from modern artists, the ancient artists and from the intensive reading on materials pertaining to paintings." Over these years of his great interest and determination in painting, he has created many art works with his characteristics and style. His temperament and dexterity characterize all his art works. In his works, traditional style is harmoniously combined with the modernity.

Lin Yong, the Council member of the Artists' Association of China has the following view and comments on the artist :-
Figure painting is not an easy job for any artist. An artist who draws flowers can be devoted to drawing thee same flower again and again. However, an artist who devotes his life to drawing figures cannot do so. One just cannot draw the same figure in all his works. Therefore, the time and energy by an artist who devoted to figures painting will be much more. We have to respect the artist Su Wei Xian for his arduous efforts made as an amateur painter over such a long period of time for figure painting.

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