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    TianDuArt | Calligraphy by Zhao Jun Ming #14

Calligraphy by Zhao Jun Ming #14
Calligraphy by Zhao Jun Ming #14

Artist : Ha Pu Du Jun Ming 哈 普 都 隽 明               Dimension : 134x34cm
This Calligraphy was done on rice paper. It has not been mounted still in original condition.

The calligrapher Ha Pu Du Jun Ming, also known as Zhao Jun Ming was born in Zhilin Province of China in 1945. He is a He-Zhe nationality, one of the minorities in China which has a number of about 2000 community members.

Ha Pu Du Jun Ming graduated from the Harbin University of Art Teaching, majoring in Chinese Brush Painting. After his graduation, he has great interest in Chinese Calligraphy and Engraving. He spent lots of time in the research on the Ancient Chinese Calligraphy. In the past 30 years, he has been through many humble learning processes in mastering the skills of Chinese Calligraphy Writing from the contemporary Calligraphers and Engravers in China. His great determination and vigorous efforts has made him a well-known minority artist in China.

He is presently the Council Member of the Chinese Calligraphy Association Of China, Chairman of the Youth Artists Association of Halongzhiang Province, the Editor of the Dictionary of the Contemporary Chinese Painters and, Chairman of the Halongzhiang Calligraphy Association.

Ha Pu Du Jun Ming's Paintings and Calligraphy are widely collected by the Museums and Art Galleries in China.

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