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Waterfall by Lu Yi Fei
Waterfall by Lu Yi Fei

Artist : Lu Yi Fei 陆 一 飞† † † † † † † Dimension : 132x66cm
This painting was done on rice paper. It has not been mounted still in original condition.

Artist Lu Yi Fei also known as Rui Yun or Yifei, was born in 1931 in Zhejiang Province, China. He developed his interest in painting when he was a child. In 1955 he entered the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts to study figure painting. In 1960 he was elected as a deputy to the 3rd National Conference on Literary and Art. Later he transferred to the Shanghai Studio of Chinese Painting and learned painting under such masters as Wu Hufan and Lu Yuanshao.

While carry forward the traditions, he pursues new ideas, new forms and new approaches. His works have been published in Paintings of Taibai Poetic Inspiration and Sanbei Landscapes.

He is a member of the Chinese Artistsí Association, a senior painter of the Shanghai Studio of Chinese Painting and secretary-general of the Heshan Painting Society.

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