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    TianDuArt | Zeng Si De   曾思德   
 Tiandu Art Gallery 
Zeng Si De   曾思德   
Artist : Zeng Si De was born in Sichuan, China in 1951. He is a member of the Sichuan Artists' Association, Vice
President of Huayang Chinese Painting and Calligraphy and, Secretary General of Chengdu 93 Scholars Association.

Zeng Si De started learning the skill of Chinese brush ink painting from the famous master Deng Huanzhang. He held
several successful solo art exhibitions in the art galleries in China. Many of his paintings were also published in the
national newspapers. Zeng Si De's paintings were collected by the Military Museum of China, Beijing Asian Games,
Hanyuan Stele Forest of China, a cultural delegation from the former Eastern Germany and Philippines. His paintings
are also under the collection by private collectors from USA, France, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Hong Kong,
Taiwan and Singapore.

Zeng Si De's biography is included in the "Who's Who In The World".
He is also listed in the "Dictionary of the Contemporary Artists of China".

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These Chinese Brush Ink Paintings were done on rice paper, flat-mounted and ready for framing.
Click on a picture to enlarge & view the details.

Autumn River<small><br>69x69cm Autumn River

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Spring In The Valley<small><br>68x68cm Spring In The Valley

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Sunset And Flying Birds<br>46x48cm Sunset And Flying Birds

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Far Viewing<small><br>46x46cm Far Viewing

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Homeward Bound<small><br>68x68cm Homeward Bound

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Feeling Of Tao Yuanming Poem<br>59x100cm Feeling Of Tao Yuanming Poem

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Snowy<small><br>46x69cm Snowy

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Plum Blossom 2<small><br>68x68cm Plum Blossom 2

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Bamboo, Bird<small><br>34x68cm Bamboo, Bird

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Plum Blossoms, Bird<small><br>68x34cm Plum Blossoms, Bird

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