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    TianDuArt | Landscape by Song XinJiang - 依山傍水

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Landscape by Song XinJiang - 依山傍水
Landscape by Song XinJiang - 依山傍水

Artist : Song Xin Jiang 宋 新 江               Dimension : 68x68cm
This painting was done on rice paper. It has been flat-mounted and ready for framing.

Song Xin Jiang was born in 1951 in Nanjing City, China. Was a student of the well-known artist Dong Xin Bin and Fu Er Shi.

He is a senior artist of Jiangsu Province Art Institute, a member of the Artists Association of China. He is also a deputy director of the center creation of Jiangsu Province.

His main published works include "Paintings of Song Xin Jiang" catalogue and "Song Xin Jiang painting series" catalogue.

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